Five Special Uses Of Cell Phone Monitoring Apps You Should Know

3 months ago

When many parents install monitoring apps on their children’s phones, the main objective is following what they do and controlling them. However, there are additional uses that will make the apps even more valuable. Here are five special uses that you perhaps never knew about.

Tracking the phone if it gets lost/stolen

Every time that you step out of the house, the risk of losing your smartphone goes up. When it comes to children, the level of risk is even higher. If the phone is very expensive, the phone becomes even more targeted by thieves especially in public places like shopping malls, parks, hotels, and even public transport. Because of these risks, you must take appropriate precautionary measures so that the phone can be recovered easily to avoid losses.

Most cell monitoring apps use the latest technologies to track child’s cell phone. Immediately the child reports that the phone is lost, the app uses GPS to pinpoint its location for easier recovery. Note that if a criminal stole the phone, it is always a good idea to seek the assistance of the authorities during recovery as opposed to approaching the thief on your own. Remember that it could also have been sold to an unsuspecting buyer.

Recovering data after losing a cell phone

In some cases when the chances of recovering the phone are minimal, the same monitoring app can be used to recover stored data. The apps give parental access to all the information stored on the phone for copying and recovery. Many smartphones are data storehouses with big capacities for photos, documents, and even call logs. If some of the information is lost, it might take a lot of time to recover or never recover at all.

Do not stop after recovering the data, go to the next step. Some thieves do not steal phones to resell but to steal the stored information and identity. Therefore, you should ensure to clear the phone of all the data and stored contacts so that the thief will not have the opportunity to access and steal it. Remember that you should do these two actions as immediately as possible before the thief can access the data.

Assisting with rescue in case of abduction

Though many parents do not want to imagine the worst happening to their kids like getting kidnapped, the danger is everywhere. A spy app helps you to follow the cell phone to the place where the kid is being held after an abduction. Even if the abductor confiscates the phone, you can still follow without raising the alarm. Some of the apps are very advanced, and the parent can even take photographs remotely without the abductor’s knowledge to know the location.

Remote locking capabilities

When you establish that a kid is taking too much time on the smartphone even during homework and sleep time, the spy app can help you reinforce agreed phone use rules. App developers are very particular about parental controls and often include features that take complete control of the kid’s phone. You can even time the app to lock some features that are distracting the kid at specific times. For example, if the reading and homework time is between 6pm and 8pm, the app can lock the internet, messaging and call abilities. Note that these are blocked while leaving important lines such as mom’s number and emergency line open.


Phone spy apps are crucial components with their use surpassing common monitoring to serious security considerations. To enjoy these additional applications, make sure to carefully review all the free spy apps and commercial spy software in the market to select the best.


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