What Tech Gifts NOT To Get Your Woman For Valentine’s Day

2 months ago
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Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate your significant other and show how much you love them. That means, getting a thoughtful gift for her that clearly shows you know her. Even if you think there is no gift she won’t love since it is coming from you, you’re wrong!!! There are gifts out there that your women will not appreciate since Valentine’s Day is about romance and not material items. If you aren’t sure what gift NOT to get her, read below!


When you think of Valentine’s Day, you DON’T think of a drone as a gift. Sure, they maybe fun to play with, but it does not exactly spell “special gift”. She may get the impression the present is more for you to have than for her. This is a quick gift, not a thoughtful one. Instead of a drone, maybe try a Polaroid Snap to snap pictures of your relationship together!

Video Games

Absolutely not! No girl wants a video game as a Valentine’s Gift or as a gift in general! Getting a video game CLEARLY spells out that you only care about yourself. It wouldn’t be surprising if she dumped you right on the spot. She is probably fed up with you playing video games for hours on end as it is. Maybe try giving her another gift you can enjoy together like tickets to a sports game you both like.

Fitness Tracker

The purpose of a fitness tracker, for most people, is to help them get in shape and/or lose weight. This gift gives off the completely WRONG message on Valentine’s Day. It says, “You are fat” or “You need to lose weight.” Absolutely no girl wants to hear this on Valentine’s Day. They want to hear that you don’t care about how they look and love them for who they are. If you want to go this route, why not give a day trip doing a physical activity you both enjoy like golfing, hiking, or swimming.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like a nice coffee maker or a character waffle maker are nice to give but for any other occasion! Women love being reminded their place in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day, right? NO!!! Women don’t want to be stereotyped as a “trophy” wife who cooks and serves her husband. Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year where a women should be treated like a Queen! Instead, why not offer the gift of a spa day for her while you take care of cleaning and cooking the house for a day.

A Video Streaming Subscription

Purchasing a video streaming subscription such as to Netflix or Hulu is an everyday thing, not a gift. Basically, everyone has it already! It gives the message, “So, you are purchasing the video streaming service we already have instead of me doing it?” It is not a meaningful gift from the heart the screams “I LOVE YOU”! More like “Netflix and Chill.” Instead, why not make a video of all of your favorite photos and memories together. Aww!

Something She Already Has!!!

The absolute WORST tech gift you can get her is something she already has. Nothing says that you don’t care about her more than getting her a gift she already has. Before you get a gift, check to make sure she doesn’t have all the everyday tech devices: iPad/tablet, cell phone, headphones, iPod, etc. That way, you will not look like an idiot when you give her her gift.

Hopefully, this gives you enough of a hint of what NOT to get your woman on Valentine’s Day. Think of her and get something meaningful she can cherish forever!

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