Top Tips for Young People using Social Media

2 months ago

What do you think of when you hear the word “social media?” The word doesn’t necessarily have a positive connotation. It’s something that millions of people are active on, and many probably spend too much time scrolling and liking down the pages of the various social media platforms. An article on Social Media Today features an infographic revealing that, of people aged 20 to 35, only 13% of men and 9% of women DON’T have a Facebook account. That means that about 90% of the people in this age category DO have a Facebook.

What does this mean for the generation? Those born sometime after the year 1980 seem to be more and more involved on social media. Obviously, there are positives to using the sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But there are also negatives (hence the stigma that’s growing against spending too much time on social media).

But now that young people are becoming more and more aware of the problem, is there a solution? The truth is that there is.

What Should Young Adults Do About Social Media

Get Informed

What reawakened my awareness of the social media epidemic was a video I saw where Simon Sinek, where he discusses major problems facing millennials in the workplace. One of their biggest obstacles is the amount of emphasis placed on social media in culture, especially in their generation.

This is why the first tip for young people is to get informed about the pressure that is placed on them because of social media. They may be tempted to check their iPhone constantly and see how many likes their last Instagram post received. The video linked above is a great eye opener for young people who may not be aware how much emphasis they put on social media.

Make a Plan

It’s important for millennials who are realizing that they have a problem with social media to make a plan if they realize that social media has become a problem for them. The modern consumer electronics market is great, but much of the success of electronics these days actually depends on social media. Smartphones are great because they allow easy access to take photos or videos and post them to Facebook or Snapchat, and laptops and computers also make it easy to access these features.

What it boils down to is spending less time on electronics in general. This probably won’t even be bad for the electronics industry. People may find that they get burnt out less on their devices and enjoy them more if they do so in a more balanced fashion. The goal of social media should be to help bring people together and stay connected, not become dependent on getting likes on everything they share.

Spread the Word

Spreading the word about how social media is affecting young people is another important tip for those who are a part of this generation. Electronics are great but they should be used with restraint. The powerful smartphones like iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are powerful devices that should be used sparingly, not abused by spending 5 hours a day scrolling through Instagram.

Get Active

It’s my belief that as awareness of the drawbacks of social media spreads, people will begin spending less time tweeting on Twitter and more time with the actual birds outside. Getting active and spending time doing things they’ve never done is the next step for young people once they step back from social media.

Remember, social media and electronics are not a bad thing. But they should be used sparingly, especially for younger people who are still in grade school.

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